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The Buckingham Center sets a new standard in advanced facial aesthetic procedures, providing personalized care to transform beauty aspirations into stunning, discreet, long-lasting, natural-looking results. Committed to a higher level of specialized care, our surgeons prioritize honesty, confidentiality, and building long-term relationships with patients.

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Elevate your facial aesthetics at the Buckingham Center, where innovation meets artistry. Our expert surgeons specialize in advanced face procedures, crafting results that redefine beauty. From discreet enhancements to transformative changes, we prioritize your unique features, utilizing cutting-edge techniques for natural-looking, enduring outcomes. Trust us to sculpt a vision of radiance tailored exclusively for you.

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Indulge in rejuvenation at the Buckingham Center, where science and luxury converge. Our curated selection of Aesthetic Services procedures offers a harmonious blend of relaxation and transformation. From revitalizing skincare to non-invasive enhancements, our skilled team combines expertise, state-of-the-art technologies, and personalized care to reveal your natural radiance using the latest techniques in non-surgical aesthetic care.

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Breathe confidence into your appearance with precision nasal reshaping at the Buckingham Center for Facial Plastic Surgery. Our skilled surgeons redefine facial harmony, specializing in nose procedures that enhance both form and function. From subtle refinements to transformative changes, trust us to sculpt a nose that complements your unique features, ensuring natural beauty and lasting confidence.

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Meet Our Team of Facial Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Erin Smith
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Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon Meet Dr. Erin Smith

Having studied under world-renowned oculoplastic surgeons, Dr. Erin Smith, a Beverly Hills-trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, is dual-certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology. Awarded the 2022 Castle Connolly Rising Star, an honor reserved for the top 7% of doctors nationwide across all specialties, she exemplifies outstanding accomplishments and unwavering dedication to medicine.

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Dr. Edward Buckingham
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Facial Plastic Surgeon Meet Dr. Edward Buckingham

Dr. Edward D. Buckingham, a renowned double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon, is lauded for his innovative approach, combining precision and artistry for exceptional results. As the Fellowship Director for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), he exhibits expertise as a fellowship-trained surgeon and mentor. Dr. Buckingham’s competitive fellowship at the Buckingham Center offers diverse hands-on experience, including both surgical and non-invasive procedures.

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Dr. Hudson Frey
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Facial Plastic Surgeon Meet Dr. Hudson Frey

Dr. Hudson Frey is a distinguished facial plastic surgeon who is renowned for crafting natural and harmonious facial aesthetics. His training encompassed a broad spectrum of functional and cosmetic head and neck procedures, where he honed his skills in a high-volume medical center. Providing specialized care, Dr. Frey is dedicated to delivering transformative and personalized outcomes for patients seeking enhanced facial features.

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Dr. Erin Smith

Dr. Edward Buckingham

Dr. Hudson Frey

facial rejuvenation Restoring Your Natural Beauty

Experience comprehensive facial rejuvenation featuring facelifts and limited incision (mini) facelifts for overall renewal. Enhance symmetry with personalized solutions for facial asymmetry, including fat transfer and reconstructive procedures. Our expertise extends to scar repair and buccal fat excision, ensuring tailored treatments and natural, revitalized results.

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neck & chin procedures Exuding Confidence in Your Own Skin

Revitalize your neck with our specialized procedures, including neck lifts, for overall enhancement. Utilizing submental microliposuction, we target stubborn fat deposits, ensuring a refined contour. Opt for submentoplasty to address specific concerns, sculpting a rejuvenated and harmonious neck profile tailored to your unique features.

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eye procedures Enhancing Your Best Features

Elevate your gaze with our expert eye procedures. Opt for blepharoplasty to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of your eyelids. Complement this with a brow lift to achieve a harmonious and youthful eye contour. Our precise techniques ensure natural, refreshed results that illuminate your eyes.

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ear procedures Contouring Facial Elegance and Balance

Transform your profile with our specialized ear procedures. Consider earlobe reduction and otoplasty for refined, balanced ears. Our expert techniques ensure tailored outcomes, delivering natural results for a harmonious facial aesthetic.

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lip procedures Enhancing Your Natural Charm

Revel in the allure of a luscious pout with our specialized lip enhancement procedures. Choose a lip lift for natural, youthful elevation or lip augmentation to give you plump, accentuated lips. Our meticulous techniques ensure personalized results, celebrating the beauty of your unique facial anatomy.

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Selective Neurolysis Custom Solutions for Facial Paralysis

Unlock a more balanced and symmetrical smile with selective neurolysis surgery. Tailored for patients contending with partial facial paralysis or synkinesis, this procedure minimizes muscle tightness, enhancing comfort and natural movement. Experience improved facial coordination and restored harmony, empowering you with renewed confidence in your facial expressions. Elevate your facial aesthetics and well-being with our precision-driven approach.

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Bell's Palsy Renewing Confidence in Facial Expression

Discover tailored surgical solutions for Bell's palsy at the Buckingham Center. Our expert facial surgeons can target muscles causing abnormal facial movements, pain, and tightness with precise facial nerve surgery and address asymmetry by adjusting facial tissues with symmetrical facial repositioning. Our surgeons may recommend a combination of procedures for optimal results, ensuring personalized care.

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Skin Cancer Reconstruction Artful Restoration for Cancer Survivors

Our skilled surgeons offer transformative skin cancer reconstruction solutions to help you rebuild comfort in your skin. We understand skin cancer's emotional and physical impact and employ innovative techniques to reconstruct affected areas, combining precision and artistry to restore natural aesthetics. Trust us to guide you through a personalized reconstruction journey, renewing confidence and well-being.

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Client Testimonials

I am extremely thankful to Dr. Buckingham and his entire staff for their excellent care of me.

I am extremely thankful to Dr. Buckingham and his entire staff for their excellent care of me. From start to finish they have been outstanding. They have worked with my schedule, been very responsive and have been available to help me anytime I needed them. That kind of support and help from the entire team goes a long way. Aside from being very pleased with my results I just feel really confident that I went to the right Dr and to the right practice. I would highly recommend Dr. Buckingham to anyone considering any type of facial plastic surgery.

Amy Birnbaum

Dr. Buckingham & Staff, Thank you for the beautiful roses to brighten my recovery

Dr. Buckingham & Staff, Thank you for the beautiful roses to brighten my recovery. This surgery has made such a difference, significantly relieving my allergic asthma, sleep apnea, sinuses and giving me back my sense of smell. Plus, it looks great! Many kudos and thanks!

R. S.

I’m a 66 years mature man

I’m a 66 years mature man. My generation never gave facial plastic surgery a thought until the last few years. That’s right, things have changed and as a result these types of procedures are more readily accepted by all men. Dr. Buckingham runs a very professional and streamlined administrative operation. That’s one thing that many Docs suck at. But more importantly, he is the penultimate sculptor of the face. When one finds a consummate professional such as Dr.B who immerses himself in the study of the art of the face and becomes the most accomplished and masterful surgeon on the planet, you just hire him. He far exceeded my expectations.

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Dr. Frey working with a patient

Nose Procedures Restoring Balance With Precision

Transform your profile with our artful nose procedures. Our surgeons use surgical mastery to harmonize your nasal aesthetics with the rest of your facial anatomy. Revision rhinoplasty ensures optimal results for those seeking corrections to a previous nose reshaping surgery. Resolve nasal obstruction and address rhinophyma with specialized procedures that optimize both function and appearance for natural-looking results.

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Meet Our Team of Aesthetic Nures

Sarah Morse, RN, BSN

Sarah Morse aesthetic nurse injector & laser specialist

Sarah Morse aesthetic nurse injector & laser specialist

Sarah Morse is a Registered Nurse who discovered her passion for aesthetics at the Buckingham Center. As a surgical nurse with expertise in laser and injectable treatments, Sarah tailors each treatment plan to achieve natural and refreshed aesthetic goals.

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Nicole Elek, RN, BSN

René Thomas advanced aesthetic nurse injector

René Thomas advanced aesthetic 
nurse injector

René’s deep understanding of facial anatomy, gained through surgical assistance with Dr. Buckingham, enhances her advanced skill in injectables. René offers a range of treatments, combining an expert artistic eye with a caring demeanor to create a natural and refreshed version of you.

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René Thomas, RN, BSN

Nicole Elek aesthetic nurse & laser specialist

Nicole Elek aesthetic nurse & laser specialist

Starting her nursing career in the ICU, Nicole discovered a passion for aesthetics at the Buckingham Center. Transitioning to an aesthetic nurse provider, she specializes in laser treatments, attending regular seminars to offer tailored, advanced, and safe treatments for her patients' skin goals.

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patient testimonial videos

Discover firsthand the transformative experiences of our patients through compelling testimonial videos. Hear authentic stories of their journeys, building trust and confidence in our personalized care and surgical expertise.

Jamie’s Testimonial Video

Sherry Testimonial Video

Dr. Buckingham in the surgical room

Fellowship Program Guaranteed 
Experience & Expertise

Embark on a prestigious facial plastic surgery fellowship at the Buckingham Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Buckingham, a Fellowship Director for AAFPRS. With an emphasis on teaching, exposure to diverse cases, and cutting-edge research, this highly competitive program ensures comprehensive training, preparing fellows for success in facial plastic surgery. Elevate your career with unparalleled mentorship.

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Traveling Patients Your Destination for Facial Plastic Surgery

Make your facial rejuvenation journey memorable at the Buckingham Center in Austin, TX. Renowned as a destination for facial plastic surgery, we welcome traveling patients to experience our commitment to excellence firsthand. Our skilled team ensures a seamless experience, combining personalized care and world-class expertise to leave you with an unforgettable visit and exceptional results.

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