Autologous fat transfer vs injection of PLLA

INTRODUCTION TO FACIAL REJUVENATION Changes in facial volume usually present beginning in a patient’s third decade and continue for the ensuing years. The extent and rapidity of facial aging vary between individuals and are strongly dependent on patient bony facial structure, soft tissue adipose content, and skin quality. Studies have analyzed the varying contributions of bone loss versus soft tissue loss … Read More

Face rejuvenation case studies

Syringe-based fillers and autologous fat transfer to rejuvenate the periorbital region Volume loss has increasingly been recognized as an important aspect of facial aging. This is especially true of the periocular region. Restoration of this lost volume can be achieved through placement of syringe-based fillers, autologous fat, or implants. This article discusses the use of syringe-based fillers (hyaluronic acid, calcium … Read More