Cosmetic and Reconstructive Procedures in Austin, Texas

The surgeons and the staff at the Buckingham Center for Facial Plastic Surgery specialize exclusively in medical and surgical management of the face and neck. We believe that by limiting our scope of practice we can provide a superior level of care for our patients and achieve the best possible, most natural appearing, and enduring results.

Our services include both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures with an emphasis on procedures for the aging face, nasal procedures, and reconstructive procedures for skin malignancy, congenital disorders and trauma.


Reconstructive Surgery

Part of the specialty of facial plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery is to restore the integrity to a traumatized or injured face. Restoration includes both the physical as well as the mental alterations that occur when the face has been altered by congenital, malignant or traumatic injury.

Our surgeons have extensive experience with soft tissue reconstructive techniques for these often challenging problems. He strives to balance artistic sensitivity with technical execution to provide the most favorable long-term outcome for the patient.

Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic surgery has undergone a transformation in the last ten years. With this transformation has also come an explosion in the number of cosmetic procedures being performed. No longer do patients hide away in their homes for prolonged periods of recovery. Not only are patients more accepting of cosmetic surgery, but newer minimally invasive techniques have created smaller incisions with less bruising, swelling, numbness and resultant down-time.

Our surgeons are experts in the newest minimally invasive endoscopic surgical techniques. They have written about and filmed these techniques for a major cosmetic textbook and have taught courses on facial rejuvenation at national meetings of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. They is a trusted, Austin plastic surgeons.

Frequently Asked Reconstructive Surgery Questions

What is reconstructive surgery?

Facial reconstructive surgery involves the restoration of the integrity of the face following trauma or injury. Reconstructive procedures may be performed to improve function and also to approximate a normal appearance. There are many different types of reconstructive surgeries able to treat a variety of disorders including skin malignancies, congenital disorders and traumatic injuries. Our surgeons have a special interest and expertise in reconstructive surgery from skin cancer. They believe strongly in the removal of skin cancer of the face by Mohs surgery. Our surgeons usually team up with a Mohs surgeon to remove the cancer and then perform the reconstruction.

Who is a good candidate for reconstructive surgery?

Candidates for reconstructive surgery include individuals who are seeking an improvement in the function and/or appearance of a congenital or developmental defect. A private patient consultation with our surgeons can help to determine if reconstructive surgery is right for you and the appropriate techniques that can best address your needs.

What can I expect during a consultation for reconstructive surgery?

During your consultation for reconstructive surgery, our surgeons will meet your plastic surgery expectations and perform a complete facial analysis. He will discuss the best procedures to address your individual needs and be sure to answer any questions that you may have.

What is a congenital defect?

Congenital defects are present at birth. These may include cleft lips, cleft palates, birthmarks and the like. Our surgeons have a special interest in the treatment of hemangiomas and port-wine stains. We do not perform cleft lip or palate surgery.

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