Facial Trauma
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Doctors Edward Buckingham and Erin Smith offer Facial Trauma solutions for patients in Austin & Sunset Valley, TX. Traumatic injury to the soft tissue and bones of the face can have severe psychological and physical repercussions. The victim of motor-vehicle accident, domestic abuse or other type of assault may be left with an indelible imprint of the injury. Dr. Buckingham’s goal, as with all facial reconstructive procedures, is to return the soft tissue and bony fractures as close to their pre-injury state as possible and return the patient to his/her normal daily life as quickly as possible.

Often this can be done with a single procedure, but when scars cross facial sub-units, future scar revision or skin resurfacing may be necessary. Dr. Buckingham’s experience spans the entire realm of facial fractures including jaw, cheek, orbit, nose and forehead.

To determine if a patient is a good candidate for this procedure, Dr. Buckingham recommends a private patient consultation.

Common Facial Trauma Questions & Answers

What is a development defect?

Developmental defects involve abnormalities resulting from accident or injury, disease, infection and sometimes the aging process. These may include dog bites, burn wounds, skin cancer, benign growths and similar conditions.

Where are reconstructive procedures performed?

Reconstructive procedures are often performed in a hospital or outpatient surgical center.

What is the recovery like after reconstructive surgery?

The recovery after reconstructive surgery will depend on the particular case and the particular procedure. All surgeries can result in some degree of swelling and bruising as well as some amount of downtime.

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