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Doctors Edward Buckingham and Erin Smith offer SkinTyte solutions for patients in Austin & Sunset Valley, TX. Signs of aging appear slowly as the body begins to change and the skin loses its volume and elasticity. Wrinkles, volume loss, and sagging skin are caused by years of sun exposure, natural collagen loss, and the effects of gravity. Although these signs of aging are normal and expected, they cause many people to lose confidence and self-esteem. In the past, sagging skin could only be corrected with invasive surgical procedures. Thanks to modern cosmetic medicine, however, patients have many options to choose from, including SkinTyte™.

SkinTyte™ is a revolutionary light-based therapy that works by activating the body’s natural healing processes to rejuvenate the skin and restore a youthful glow. As there is no downtime involved with the SkinTyte™ procedure, patients can get back to their daily routines immediately. Dr. Edward Buckingham is pleased to offer this effective non-invasive procedure at Buckingham Center for Facial Plastic surgery for patients who are looking rejuvenation without surgery.

About the SkinTyte™ Laser

Youthful skin is typically firm, supple, and glowing. This is because when we are young, our natural facial volume and high levels of collagen and elastin production keep the skin tight looking beautiful. As we age, however, those levels of collagen drop, causing sagging skin, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. The best way to increase collagen and elastin production once again is to use a controlled energy source to stimulate the tissues and “remodel” collagen in the skin.

Manufactured by the makers of the BBL and Halo devices, the SkinTyte™ laser is one of the latest options in a lineup of non-invasive skin-tightening treatments. This procedure harnesses the power of infrared energy to heat the underlying tissues and encourage natural healing processes to begin. Heating the tissues triggers the body’s collagen production, creating gradual skin-tightening effects that continue to improve for several months.

Benefits of SkinTyte™ Treatments

Patients choose the SkinTyte™ treatment because they want to reduce or improve skin laxity and other signs of aging without surgery or downtime. The major benefits of this procedure are tighter, firmer, more youthful-looking skin, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and a smoother, more even complexion. The treatments are quick and convenient, allowing patients to get back to their everyday activities almost at once.

Most patients choose SkinTyte™ because they want to improve their facial aesthetics and look younger, but there are several psychological benefits as well. After a few treatments, many patients find that they feel more confident and social, looking and feeling their best.

Candidates for SkinTyte™ Austin

SkinTyte™ treatments are very safe for good candidates.

Since it is a non-invasive treatment involving no incisions or injury to the outer layers of skin, SkinTyte™ is safe for a wide range of men and women. SkinTyte™ candidates should be in overall good health and should not be tanned or plan to tan in the weeks following the treatments.

Although SkinTyte™ is appropriate for many patients, there are some patients who may need to wait or choose an alternative procedure. Pregnant women, people who are taking Accutane or have taken it within the past six months, those with active acne or rosacea, and people with connective tissue disease or an autoimmune disorder are not good candidates for the procedure. Safety is Dr. Buckingham’s top priority, and he evaluates each patient’s candidacy prior to starting a SkinTyte™ treatment series.

The Initial Consultation

Before scheduling their first SkinTyte™ treatment, patients must meet with Dr. Buckingham at his office in Austin, TX to create a custom treatment plan based on the patient’s goals. While the SkinTyte™ procedure is very safe and suitable for a wide range of patients, Dr. Buckingham takes the time to really get to know each patient’s needs so he can recommend the best treatment options.

During the consultation, Dr. Buckingham will go over the patient’s medical history and perform an exam of the areas of concern. He will ask questions about the patient’s goals and get to know their expectations so he can design the right anti-aging plan for meeting those goals. If he does not believe that SkinTyte™ is the best option for an individual patient, he will recommend some alternatives. Patients should bring a list of questions to the appointment so that any confusion or concerns can be cleared up before scheduling the first treatment.

A SkinTyte™ Procedure at Buckingham Center

SkinTyte™ Austin patients will typically need several treatments to see optimal results from the procedure. Because the treatments use a cooling wand to protect the skin from excess heat, no anesthesia is typically required during the SkinTyte™ procedure. Patients will wear goggles during the treatment to protect their eyes.

Treatment begins by preparing the proprietary treatment wand and passing it over the areas of concern. The infrared light energy is directed beneath the upper layers of skin, leaving them intact. Collagen deep within the skin contracts and becomes coagulated, and the body’s natural healing processes begin to work immediately. The entire procedure typically takes about 30-45 minutes per area. While skin laxity won’t improve immediately, patients will start seeing results after a few weeks.

Recovering from a SkinTyte™ Treatment

SkinTyte™ is a non-invasive treatment and patients can leave almost immediately after the session is complete. There are no activity restrictions, but patients may want to rest for the first 24 hours. Minimal redness and swelling may occur, which should fade quickly. To cover this up, patients may wear makeup soon after treatment.

In order to avoid pigmentation issues, patients should avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen diligently for the first few weeks. Following Dr. Buckingham’s aftercare instructions helps to ensure good results and a comfortable recovery period.

Frequently Asked Questions about SkinTyte™

Are there any risks involved with SkinTyte™ treatments?

SkinTyte™ treatments are very safe for good candidates, but all cosmetic procedures carry at least minor risks. Side effects from SkinTyte™ treatments are usually very mild, lasting no more than an average of 3-5 days. They may include minor swelling, redness, and discomfort. Rarely, mild blistering and bruising or pigmentation changes may occur. In general, working with a reputable plastic surgeon reduces risks.

How long will the results last?

No skin treatment can hold off aging forever. Eventually, the skin’s collagen boost will fade and the skin will begin to show signs of aging once again. The results of a SkinTyte™ treatment series should be long-lasting, but lifestyle, sun exposure, and genetics all affect the longevity of the treatments. It is recommended that patients get maintenance treatments periodically to preserve the results.

Can SkinTyte™ help with sagging skin in the neck in addition to the face?

Yes, SkinTyte™ can be used on several areas of the body, including the face, neck, and chest. Patients often need treatment in both the face and neck to achieve their aesthetic goals. If multiple areas are treated during a single session, the procedure will take longer.

How is SkinTyte™ different from other laser or light energy treatments?

Different non-invasive skin treatments have their own method for addressing sagging skin and other signs of aging. In many cases, the differences are in the type of energy or the wavelengths used. SkinTyte™ uses infrared light energy with sapphire cooling to activate the body’s natural healing processes. This makes the treatment more comfortable and spares the top layer of skin, thus avoiding the “peeling” effect of many ablative laser treatments.

Does SkinTyte™ hurt?

SkinTyte™ is a gentle procedure that causes minimal discomfort, due to the built-in temperature controls and sapphire cooling system. Most patients tolerate the treatment well without local anesthesia.

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients will need several treatments to see maximum results. On average, 4-6 treatments are ideal for helping patients reach their goals. These sessions are spaced about two to four weeks apart. Once the results of this initial series have begun to fade, patients may want to continue with maintenance treatments once or twice a year.

Can SkinTyte™ treat acne scars?

SkinTyte™ is primarily intended for anti-aging and addressing skin laxity, but it does have some benefits when it comes to skin problems like acne scars and rosacea. While the treatment can improve overall skin quality and reduce the visibility of acne scars, there are limitations to the amount of improvement that can be achieved with SkinTyte™ for acne scarring. If you are bothered by this issue, Dr. Buckingham will be happy to help you design an acne scar treatment plan that will best meet your needs.

Is SkinTyte™ FDA-approved?

Yes, SkinTyte™ has been evaluated by the FDA and deemed to be safe.

What’s the right age for SkinTyte™ treatments?

Any healthy adult with sagging skin or other skin issues that can be improved with SkinTyte™ is a possible candidate. There is no “right” age for SkinTyte™–everyone ages at a different rate. The best way to determine your candidacy is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Buckingham at his Austin practice.

Learn More about SkinTyte™ Austin

Dr. Edward Buckingham has dedicated his career to facial rejuvenation and facial plastic surgery. He is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon known in the Austin area for his ability to create beautiful, natural-looking results using minimally-invasive techniques. Dr. Buckingham and Dr. Smith put an emphasis on customization and work with each patient to find the right combination of treatments to meet their aesthetic expectations.

Want a fresh new look without surgery? If you are interested in learning more about the SkinTyte™ laser, or if you would like to schedule a SkinTyte™ Austin consultation with Dr. Buckingham or Dr. Smith, call Buckingham Center today at 512.401.2500 or fill out our contact form.

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