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I will never look the same, only BETTER!
Dear Dr. Buckingham, A special thank you to your and your professional staff. Believe it or not, I will never look the same, only BETTER! Will be dropping by with some Rum Cake. Sincerely,

You all really achieve 1st class care.
Dear Dr. Buckingham and Staff, Thank you for the beautiful array of abundant white flowers they look so beautiful in my home. I so appreciate your very thoughtful gesture at this period of confinement. You all really achieve 1st class care. Warm Regards, KW

I’m a 66 years mature man
I’m a 66 years mature man. My generation never gave facial plastic surgery a thought until the last few years. That’s right, things have changed and as a result these types of procedures are more readily accepted by all men. Dr. Buckingham runs a very professional and streamlined administrative operation. That’s one thing that many Docs suck at. But more importantly, he is the penultimate sculptor of the face. When one finds a consummate professional such as Dr.B who immerses himself in the study of the art of the face and becomes the most accomplished and masterful surgeon on the planet, you just hire him. He far exceeded my expectations.

Testimonial by BR

An RN friend who's worked with plastic surgeons and has years of experience in skin reconstruction recommended Dr. Buckingham. From my very first appointment, Dr Buckingham and his staff were fantastic. My neck lift went very well. I'm still in recovery phase but feel great. Tightness, swelling and bruising as expected, nothing sunglasses a scarf can't deal with though. An amazing part of my experience was a beautiful bouquet of flowers with well wishes from Dr Buckingham and his staff was delivered to my home the day after my surgery, thank you! I really couldn't be happier with my decision to have Dr. Buckingham perform my neck lift. 


Love my Results!
I have to say I was very nervous about having the procedures that Dr. Buckingham had recommended in my initial consultation, but after looking at many of the before and after photos from other patients online, I decided to go forward and have them done. It has been a little over three months, and I have to say the results have been pretty amazing. My biggest concern was that the procedures I had done would be natural looking and they are!

A Bit of Swelling but That is Normal
When looking for a doctor to do these procedures. I wanted somebody who was board certified and who had a good reputation. I had been to Dr. Buckingham's office before for Botox. Having had that experience I inquired to see if I could have a consultation with him. It was very thorough and I felt, very much at ease. I had already done my own homework and I pretty much have decided that I was going to do it, but initially when we set it up, I was going to do it in January. I was so sure that he was going to just do a great job that I changed it to October. I actually did it three months earlier than I planned. It was a lot bigger deal than I thought it was going to be. I had quite a bit of swelling and it wasn't pain necessarily from the incisions but the swelling was what caused my pain. I think that I had the swelling more severe than most people do, or I'm just a baby. It was a lot bigger deal in the recovery end than I had expected. When I got online I found out that everything I was going through was normal. The office was really nice and they gave me some good direction about how to keep the swelling down. I took three weeks off. When I came back nobody said, "Oh, did you have a face lift?" Everyone who said anything at all said, "Oh, do you have a new hairdo?" I love my results, he’s definitely the best!

Very Upfront and Professional
Dr. Buckingham provides plenty of information in his website. I like the fact that he specializes on the neck and above. I had a Laser Treatment for broken capillaries and veins on my face, on July 3rd. I also had a Chin Augmentation on the same day. He was all very up front as far as what the procedures or what the prices were. This is my third follow-up visit since the procedures. It is just going according to plan. I'm very satisfied.

Revision Rhinoplasty
On February 13th I had a Revision Rhinoplasty. I wasn't happy with my result the first time. I'm a lot older now but I just felt more confident so I wasn't nervous, and then, of course, there was better staff now too, like the facility, the nurses were a lot more competent, and I liked the facility better. The recovery was less. I'd say about three weeks less. The nose now is proportionate to my face and it's not too drastic of a change. It was a great job.

Septo & Rhinoplasty
I had a septoplasty and a rhinoplasty done with Dr. Buckingham about three months ago. I initially had the intention to interview several surgeons before settling with one, but after visiting Dr. Buckingham’s office first and meeting him personally and his staff, I was convinced right off the bat. He has a special software system that can show me a computer-generated image of what my results would look like after my surgery. I would describe Dr. Buckingham as a very thorough and well informed doctor. He goes the distance when it comes to ensuring patient comfort. He even sent flowers to my house after my surgery, which is something totally unexpected from a doctor. He even personally called me the day after my surgery to see how I was feeling. He is an overall, well-rounded doctor. I am able to breathe better now. I know that my breathing has yet to improve more, but it’s still only three months since the surgery. After the surgery, I feel more confident now; I can pull back my hair from my face because I have nothing to hide now. I feel like I look good and it’s all thanks to Dr. Buckingham.

Dr. Buckingham is an excellent surgeon
I saw Dr. Buckingham for a lower facelift and Necklift on May 11th. I found his office online. Dr. Buckingham is an excellent surgeon. Originally, I came to his office because I didn’t like the way my neck looked. So far, I’m really happy with my results. I got exactly what I asked for. There was some pain during the recovery, but nothing Dr. Buckingham didn’t warn me about. The facelift and Necklift was totally worth it, though. The office is so helpful, I will be recommending Dr. Buckingham to others.

SAVE The Best Plastic Surgeon in Austin, TX
I had a forehead lift and facelift with Dr. Buckingham. He did my procedure on November 19th. I really thought that when I looked in the mirror in the mornings, I had such a sad looking face. I was inspired by the before/after photos on Dr. Buckingham’s website. I had been thinking about these procedures for over 10 years, but finally I went ahead and did it. I am now thrilled to be able to wake up in the morning and see myself be a happy person again. I don’t have the droopy neck anymore and look much younger. My procedures were also affordable.

SAVE My facelift went so smooth and my recovery was great
The bottom line is that I wanted to look more youthful, but was unsure what else to do on my own. Word of mouth sent me to Dr. Buckingham’s office. Everyone made me feel comfortable from the start, and Dr. Buckingham was a gracious doctor. He explained my options and we decided a facelift was right for me. My surgery was on February 2nd. My facelift went so smooth and my recovery was great. I could not have done it without the support of Dr. Buckingham and his staff. Even in the hospital, I felt like I was really in good hands. I know that anyone who goes to Dr. Buckingham will be satisfied with the treatment they receive, and I will certainly go back in the future.
Suzanna G.

Very Upfront and Professional
Dr. Buckingham provides plenty of information in his website. I like the fact that he specializes on the neck and above. I had a Laser Treatment for broken capillaries and veins on my face, on July 3rd. I also had a Chin Augmentation on the same day. He was all very up front as far as what the procedures or what the prices were. This is my third follow-up visit since the procedures. It is just going according to plan. I'm very satisfied.

SAVE Best Plastic Surgeon in the Austin Area - Austin, TX
Dr. Buckingham is the best plastic surgeon in Austin. Everything he did was subtle, which is what I was looking for. I wanted to look younger so I had a chin implant, facial fat transfer and a mini neck lift. I had a lot of puffiness during recovery, which was explained, but it got better everyday and I feel like now it looks completely natural. It’s exactly what I was hoping for and it was a very pleasant experience.

I had an amazing experience
Dr Edward is excellent. I had a chin implant surgery with him 2years ago. I am very happy with my new profile. It fix my face so we'll. My friends all like my new look. The staff are very friendly. They answer my questions so quickly.

SAVE Getting Ready for the Big Day Coming Up in Sept
At 55, Looking for a new refreshed look but with a natural "not pulled look". Getting a lower facelift /neck, possible TCA Peel,and fat injection. After doing my homework I feel I have found a great PS. I have found this site amazing and helpful, looking forward to reaching out for all the great support that it has to offer.

Glad I Made the Decision
Dr. Buckingham and his entire office staff were wonderful. They are all extremely professional, friendly, gracious and considerate. I especially enjoyed Rene' and Christy. Dr. Buckingham was great to work with, knowledgeable and skilled. I am really happy I chose him to do my procedure, and Rene' for lips and lines. Wonderful experience.

I first found out about Dr. Buckingham through a mutual friend
I first found out about Dr. Buckingham through a mutual friend. I had consultations with other surgeons but chose him because he came highly recommended and my initial consultation with him instantly made me feel comfortable. Dr. Buckingham performed my upper eyelid surgery and a fat transfer to my face and lips which resulted in great results for me. I get so many compliments now from friends, family, and strangers. From beginning to end, my experience was perfect. I highly recommend my procedure and Dr. Buckingham to other patients. He really is the best!
Regina M

Thank you for a delightful experience and these fabulous roses
Dear Dr. Buckingham & Staff, Oh-my-goodness! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the over the top gorgeous fabulous roses that arrived at my door this past week. The roses are beautiful! What an unexpected and amazing surprise! Thank you for such a positive experience and making this entire process so easy! I so appreciate the compassion and care I have had extended to me – and Dr. Buckingham’s talented hands and expertise. I am sending friends your way. Meanwhile, please know how very much you are appreciated. Thank you for a delightful experience and these fabulous roses. Love,

Testimonial by Holly A.

Astounding results! I had facial fat grafting with Dr. Buckingham and could not have wished for a better outcome. First and foremost, my results look completely natural. When I tell people what I had done they're shocked. I can't tell you how many times people have said "you look so much better, but I can't tell why". I can see the wheels turning as they look at my face in awe because they still can't see exactly what was done in any one place. Point being, my results are superbly subtle but life changing.

I'm a thin person and knew as I aged losing fat in my face would not only age me, but make me look sickly. I didn't want to necessarily look younger, but healthier. Dr Buckingham achieved that result perfectly. I want everyone to know I did years of research before having this procedure. In the wrong hands, this procedure could be devastating and disfiguring. I consulted with 3 other doctors (none were in Austin). I even drove to Dallas to visit a highly recommended surgeon but ultimately found Dr. Buckingham to be the most well-rounded in everything I was looking for. He is talented, experienced, realistic, cautious, gentle, effective, informative, honest, open, and with no ulterior motive being his top priority that I could find. I feel super lucky to have the results I do.

Holly A.

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