Facial Fat Transfer Before & After Photos in Austin, TX, patient 16377

Facial Fat Transfer before and after photos for patient 16377

Facial Fat Transfer before and after photos for patient 16377

Facial Fat Transfer before and after photos for patient 16377

Patient Info

Age: 60 – 69 years old
Gender: Female
Procedures: Facial Fat Transfer
Procedure Description:

Lower facelift, Full face fat transfer
This patient is a 61-year-old female who is concerned with general facial aging. Her concerns are mostly related to her lower jawline and neck. Also her lower eyelids and glabella furrows have been bothersome to the patient. The patient’s before photos indicate the findings of her physical examination. She has wrinkling of the glabellar area of the forehead upon rest and while expressing. A hollowing of the orbital grooves is perceptible as well as temporal volume loss and significant perioral volume loss. She also has significant jowling and sagging neck skin with submental fatty tissue. To address the concerns of the upper third portion of her face, Botox and filler for her glabella was suggested. Autologous fat transfer was recommended to address the mid portion of her face particularly the hollowing of the orbital groove and upper cheek as well as temporal regions. To address the appearance of aging to the lower third of her face, fat transfer to the perioral area was advised as well as a lower facelift to include neck liposuction and tightening of the neck muscle. The patient elected to undergo a lower facelift, full face fat transfer and Botox.
The after photos indicate the results the patient desired. A youthful rejuvenation has been achieved in the eye area by lifting the upper cheek and resolving the sunken appearance of the lower eyelid by restoring lost volume through the transfer of fat. The sagging appearance of the lower face and neck is no longer a concern for the patient as the tissues have been lifted and the excess skin has been removed. The lateral after photo displays the significant improvement in the neckline. The oblique view truly demonstrates the natural results of the combined procedures as the rejuvenation is consistent in all 3 portions of the patients face and neck.


Edward D. Buckingham, M.D.