Lasers Before & After Photos in Austin, TX, patient 17363

Lasers before and after photos for patient 17363

Patient Info

Age: 50 – 59 years old
Gender: Female
Procedures: Lasers
Procedure Description:

This patient is a 52 year-old female who presented in clinic with concerns about the appearance of her decollete’ because of extensive sun damage due to years of overexposure and lack of protection. The evidence of the damage appears as pigmentation of the skin in the form of small sun spots, as well as a consistent redness, wrinkles, and a rough appearance. The patient elected to undergo a series of BBL (Broadband Light) treatments with Rene’ Thomas, R.N. in the office.
The results, indicated in the after photo, are after one treatment. Significant improvement is notable with the resolution of the redness and coarse look. The skin now has a soft and natural glow. The dark spots have improved greatly by lightening in shade and some have altogether been eliminated. The patient will continue to see this improvement after each treatment performed 4 weeks apart.


Edward D. Buckingham, M.D.