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You may think you’re too young to be getting plastic surgery. The truth is that signs of aging can start early—and everyone ages at a different rate. Or, you may be middle aged or older and wondering which treatments will be best for rejuvenation.

Whatever dilemma you’re facing, there’s a treatment for you and your specific needs. Choosing the right procedure depends on a lot of different factors, but there are some procedures that are best for people in specific life stages. Let’s take a look at some of the best rejuvenation treatments for your age.

If You’re In Your 20’s…

In your 20’s, your skin will still have good elasticity, firmness, and few wrinkles. This is a great time to start thinking proactively, and to take care of your skin to preserve its beauty for years to come. Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the best things you can do to ward off early signs of aging.

If your skin isn’t as radiant as you’d like, you might want to consider a non-surgical treatment like BBL (Broadband Light), a chemical peel, or laser treatments to improve the overall quality and pigment of your skin. If you struggle with acne scarring, there are some laser treatments that can help reduce the appearance of the scars, though they cannot be eliminated completely.

Many patients in their 20’s are also interested in hyaluronic acid fillers for lip enhancement and augmentation. These can improve the contour and fullness of the lips. Finally, some younger patients elect to undergo rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) or otoplasty (ear reshaping) to correct ongoing cosmetic or functional issues.

If You’re In Your 30’s…

Signs of aging often start to appear early—during your 30’s. If you’re noticing fine lines, wrinkles, and less skin firmness, this is totally normal. That doesn’t mean you have to sit by and watch it happen, however. This is a great time to start light treatments to hold off aging. Skin rejuvenation procedures like laser treatments and chemical peels can help, as can injectable treatments like BOTOX and facial fillers. Sun damage is often a problem for patients in their 30’s, and there are several skin rejuvenation procedures like Whisper Erbium 3G Laser and BBL that can help resolve brown spots, rough texture, and other issues.

Patients with more advanced signs of aging usually notice problems in the forehead or eye area first. Any work done at this young age tends to yield long-lasting results.

If You’re In Your 40’s…

During your 40’s, you’ll start seeing worsening signs of aging. You might notice that wrinkles and folds deepen and become more defined. Facial volume might start to disappear, causing the skin to sag as collagen and fat become less plentiful. Facial fillers or a fat transfer procedure are often good solutions to volume loss. A limited incision facelift may be appropriate for tightening the loose skin of the face. Blepharoplasty, forehead lift, and midface lift are also popular rejuvenation surgeries for patients in their 40’s, as they produce great results without an extensive recovery period.

Poor skin quality can also be addressed with laser treatments or other non-surgical procedures. Injectable fillers and Botox are often a great addition to other treatments for comprehensive anti-aging.

If You’re In Your 50’s and Beyond…

As you get older, collagen and facial fat depletion really take a toll on skin firmness. Plastic surgery typically becomes a better option, as you’ll get more dramatic results than with a non-surgical option. Facelift surgery, a neck lift, or targeted procedures like blepharoplasty or forehead lift can all be beneficial to older patients. These can be combined with injectable treatments and skin treatments for improved results.

Talk to an Expert

No matter what your age, if you’re interested in moving forward with plastic surgery or non-surgical treatments, then you’ll need to discuss your goals with an expert before making a decision. A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon will help you learn more about the procedures you’re interested in. You’ll get customized advice from an expert who’s seen it all. If you’d like to discuss your treatment plan with an expert facial plastic surgeon in Austin, come to Buckingham Center and schedule a consultation with Dr. Edward Buckingham. Dr. Buckingham has years of experience in treating patients of all ages, and he can help you reach your aesthetic goals. Call 512.401.2500 today to schedule your appointment.

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