Each year in the United States and around the world, more and more people receive plastic surgery and minimally invasive procedures. But even though more people are choosing to invest in themselves and pursue aesthetic treatments, that doesn’t mean we’re talking about plastic surgery any differently. In fact, the stigma surrounding plastic surgery is still present, though perhaps not quite as persistent as it was 10 or 15 years ago. Nevertheless, people still spend lots of time discussing whether or not celebrities have “had work done” and making jokes about facelifts. There are so many jokes out there about plastic surgery that it’s no wonder some patients wonder if it’s possible for plastic surgery to ever look natural. Let’s take a look at what goes into modern plastic surgery and find out if these perceptions are in any way correct.

Improved Customization and a Natural Emphasis

Today, the goal of plastic surgery is to enhance a patient’s natural appearance. That may mean turning back the clock with rejuvenation procedures or subtly changing the shape and appearance of facial or body features. Years ago, many procedures were performed in a “cookie cutter” fashion. This gave each patient the same look and often led to very unnatural results. That’s because the same techniques really can’t fit every patient’s individual needs.

Today, that’s simply no longer the case. Now, plastic surgeons focus on customization and on maintaining a natural appearance that achieves the patient’s goals without being too extreme. Customization requires a great deal of artistry, which means that plastic surgeons need to have the highest level of finesse, skill, and expertise.

Too Subtle or Too Dramatic?

Many patients are afraid of procedures like the facelift and forehead lift. They’ve often heard horror stories of the “plastic” plastic surgery: facelifts that resulted in a smooth, but totally unnatural and windswept appearance. Fortunately, reputable plastic surgeons have left those days behind. Today, they have the difficult task of walking the line between too subtle and too dramatic to create natural-looking results that still show significant improvement.

Improved tools and techniques have also helped surgeons to achieve better, more natural results in recent years. The forehead lift, for example, used to be a major procedure that required large incisions in the hairline and often resulted in an over-lifted brow and a surprised appearance. Today, the endoscopic forehead lift is much more popular. This technique uses a tiny camera to give surgeons greater visibility during the procedure and reduce the size of the incisions that are needed to complete the surgery. Results from the endoscopic forehead lift are subtle, natural, and rarely surprised-looking.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

Even with the advances in technique, tools, and mindset surrounding plastic surgery, the most important factor in getting a natural result is choosing the right surgeon. Surgeons who put an emphasis on natural-looking results and have extensive training and experience in their area of focus will be able to produce the best results. Board certified plastic surgeons often focus on either facial or body surgery. They should have lots of examples of previous patients to show how the typical results of different procedures look.

Before-and-after photos speak like nothing else can. You can see just how natural the results of plastic surgery can look by seeing the transformation real patients have gone through. Each doctor has their own “style”, but customization has become so important in plastic surgery that patients still looks like themselves.

Breaking Down Stigmas

Not every plastic surgery has an ideal outcome, but the vast majority of people who have had cosmetic procedures do enjoy a very natural appearance. In fact, you’d probably never know they “had work done” unless they told you. Of course, it’s every patient’s decision as to whether or not to talk about their cosmetic surgery experiences. Some celebrities, for example, are open about the impact surgery and treatments have had on their lives and careers, while others leave things up to fans’ imaginations. That speaks volumes—both about the continuing negative stigma surrounding cosmetic surgery and about just how natural modern plastic surgery results can look. Only by talking about the positive benefits of plastic surgery can we reduce the misinformation out there and give people a chance to see for themselves just how natural plastic surgery can look.

Explore Your Options

Wondering if plastic surgery is right for you? No one can make that decision for you, but it can be helpful to discuss your options with a skilled and ethical board certified plastic surgeon to learn more. If you’d like to explore your options for facial plastic surgery in Austin, TX, then come to Buckingham Center and meet with Dr. Edward Buckingham, a renowned and compassionate board certified facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Buckingham is known for his natural yet dramatic results, and he runs his practice with both compassion and ethics. Call 512.401.2500 today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Buckingham and find out what aesthetic treatments could do for you!

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