If you love the results of plastic surgery but the thought of going under the knife makes you squeamish, then you’re definitely not alone. Many people want to look younger, but without the discomfort and downtime associated with surgery. The good news? Today, there are lots of great minimally-invasive and non-invasive treatments that can significantly improve signs of aging for some patients.

Although most people who do opt for cosmetic surgery are surprised at how smooth and easy their recovery is, that doesn’t mean the surgical route is right for everyone. These days, it’s easier than ever to get that youthful glow without a facelift, brow lift, or blepharoplasty. All it takes is a great plastic surgeon, some patience, and often, a combination of several different treatments.

Why Combine Treatments?

Before you visit a plastic surgeon, think about your expectations. What do you want out of the experience? Many people want to fix several annoying problems related to aging: wrinkles, sagging skin, volume loss, changes in skin quality, and/or pigmentation issues. These are all common signs of aging, and many of them are related to similar changes in the body, namely, loss of collagen, gravity, and sun damage. However, different cosmetic treatments are optimized for different cosmetic problems and may not provide your desired results by themselves. Often, it’s necessary to combine procedures to reach your aesthetic goals.

Combining cosmetic treatments gives you the option of getting more significant results without the need for surgery. By combining Botox injections, laser skin resurfacing, and fillers, for instance, you can fill in deep folds and areas of lost volume while also treating dynamic wrinkles and resolving brown spots. Choosing to combine treatments allows patients to fit their rejuvenation plan into their busy schedules while avoiding the need for surgery, or at least postponing the need for it.

Great Treatment Combinations

So what are some of the treatments that patients combine to great effect? Typically, a skin resurfacing procedure combined with injectables is a great bet. That could include Botox or Dysport for crow’s feet and frown lines, hyaluronic acid fillers for static wrinkles and volume loss, and laser light treatments or a chemical peel for resolving skin imperfections.

Some non-invasive procedures work gradually to build up new collagen production in the body and renew the skin in the weeks and months following treatment. These procedures usually require a series of sessions, spaced several weeks apart. When these gradual treatments are combined with faster-acting treatments like injectables, patients can enjoy long-lasting results and boosted confidence relatively quickly. 

Drawbacks of Combining Non-Invasive Treatments

Of course, as incredible as the results can be from non-invasive treatments, there are a few drawbacks to this approach. First, many non-invasive treatments are only temporary. You may not need to recover from an injectable treatment, but you may end up spending more time in the office overall due to maintenance treatments. This is especially true if you need a series of treatments or your procedures can’t be performed at the same time.

The second drawback is the cost. While surgery involves a one-time cost that is fairly high, combining several cheaper non-invasive treatments can still add up, especially when you consider ongoing maintenance procedures.

Finally, these treatments aren’t very effective for addressing more severe signs of aging. If you’re dealing with significant sagging skin or extensive volume loss, a lifting procedure or fat transfer may be a better option for you. It’s a good idea to think about all the different pros and cons before making a decision.

Is Combining Treatments Right for You? Talk to an Expert to Find Out

If you’re not sure what’s the best choice for you, don’t worry about it too much. Your plastic surgeon can help you figure out the best solution for your individual needs.

During a consultation, a plastic surgeon will assess the condition of your skin, ask questions about your lifestyle and goals, and discuss different options for you. He or she will likely suggest combining treatments if you do not wish to undergo surgery. It all depends on what you are hoping to get out of working with a plastic surgeon.

Get Optimal Results with a Specialist

When it comes to non-invasive treatments, the risks are typically lower than for surgical procedures. That does not mean, however, that it’s a good idea to cut corners when it comes to choosing your surgeon. In order for non-invasive treatments to create incredible results, the doctor performing them must be highly skilled.

The best choice for combination procedures is a facial specialist like Dr. Edward Buckingham. Choosing the right surgeon will give you peace of mind and set you up for the best possible results. Dr. Buckingham is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon offering a range of non-invasive, minimally-invasive, and surgical procedures. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Buckingham at Buckingham Center in Austin, TX, call 512.401.2500 or visit our website today.

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