What is Rhinoplasty?

People consider getting nose surgery for a number of reasons. They may want to improve the overall size of the nose, remove a hump, narrow the tip, or even improve the function of the nose in order to breathe better. It is the goal of a good surgeon to give you the best possible nose while minimizing the possibility of complications. You can help your surgeon achieve this goal by avoiding these mistakes that may occur with a rhinoplasty procedure.

Miscommunication Between the Doctor and Patient

Miscommunication most commonly occurs when talking about the goals of the patient and what their vision is for their new nose. It is not uncommon for patients to have unrealistic expectations for the outcome of their procedure. The surgeon may help you visualize the results better by using an imaging program, but even the imaging program can be a little misleading because there is no telling how the patient may heal after the procedure happens.

The reason why Dr. Buckingham makes sure to go over all aspects of the procedure is so there is no miscommunication between the two of you. It is very important for the patient and doctor to be on the same page. Often, the way a person heals after a cosmetic surgery is up to the patient’s body, but Dr. Buckingham will ensure that he provides you with all the appropriate guidelines for the recovery so you obtain the best possible results.

Going Against Doctor’s Orders

After the procedure is completed, a patient may become very impatient for the healing process to be complete. The full recovery process for rhinoplasty could take up to two years. There are steps that patients are required to follow after their surgery. Some patients may become impatient or frustrated with these steps but nevertheless they are important.  Some patients may question the need for nasal packing or a splint, but it is critical to not remove these prematurely. Utilizing the splint helps the nose stays straight and in place while it is healing and packing, if used, helps to minimize bleeding. You do not want your nose to heal crooked as that will defeat the purpose of the procedure you just had.

The consultation and recovery are two very important parts in achieving the new you. The consultations helps prepare you for what is to come and what is expected of you during your nose job recovery. Even though Dr. Buckingham will be there every step of the way monitoring your recovery, it is still very important for you to play your part as well. If you find you may be having some minor complications after the procedure or are still unsatisfied, talk to Dr. Buckingham about your concerns and he and his staff will assist you in any way they can. Dr. Buckingham takes pride in his work and wants nothing but the best for his patients. As the recovery process takes place, some patients may start to feel better sooner than they expected, giving them the impression that they may not need to be as strict with the recovery guidelines. Still, be sure to follow your doctor’s advice. He is providing you with those guidelines to help your recovery process go as smooth as possible.

Take Good Care of Your Face

During the recovery, it is very important to take very good care of your face! Make sure to clean your face gently but thoroughly as recommended by your doctor. Be cautious in your day-to-day routine and avoid any activities that may interfere with the recovery process. Avoid bumping the nose or otherwise harming it.

Nose surgery is not part of a person’s daily routine, which is why extra care is needed.  Be extra gentle when washing the face and protect the skin from sun.  Trying to maintain the guidelines for your recovery to the best of your ability will help to provide the enhanced you that you have been waiting for.

The Consultation

When you go in for your consultation, Dr. Buckingham will make sure he examines your face and ask how you would like to enhance your nose. It is very important for Dr. Buckingham that he is on the same page with his patients so he can do his very best in providing the patient with their desired results. During the consultation, Dr. Buckingham will provide recommendations on changes and the best techniques for achieving the desire result. Before the consultation is over Dr. Buckingham will go over a few major points with you to make sure you fully understand the process, including the surgery and the recovery.

If you are interested in learning more about the rhinoplasty procedure, you can contact the office at 512-401-2501 and schedule your consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you enhance your image.

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