Do Chin Implants Look Natural?

Aside from rhinoplasty, chin implants are one of the more common facial plastic surgeries used to aid in facial balance. Facial balance is a very important element in overall appearance, and many people would like to enhance their own facial harmony with plastic surgery. A weak or receding chin and jawline can make the nose appear larger than it is and create other proportions that may not be ideal.

A chin implant can be beneficial to patients with a weak chin, but as with any plastic surgery, there are concerns to consider. One common concern for prospective chin augmentation patients has to do with the appearance of the implant. Will it look natural? Here are the basics of what to expect.

The Composition of a Chin Implant

Chin implants can be made from a few different materials, and doctors typically have preferences for which implant material they feel performs best.

  1. Gortex is often used and preferred for its ability to contour with the patient’s chin for a natural look and feel
  2. Solid silicone is a popular implant material
  3. Dense polyethylene is an inert material with low tissue reactivity
  4. Mersilene mesh, is one of the oldest materials used in the industry
Woman holding a Chin Implant
The Composition of a Chin Implant

Will It Look and Feel Natural?

Do Chin Implants Look Natural? | Austin | Texas
Chin implants are designed to look and feel as natural as possible.

No one wants to have facial plastic surgery that looks unnatural. Chin implants are designed to look and feel as natural as possible. There are several factors that go into the question of natural look and feel in chin augmentation.

The first and most important factor is the surgeon’s skill and experience. As long as the chin implant is inserted and placed correctly, the patient should not feel the implant after the initial recovery period. If the implant has been placed poorly, there is a possibility of the implant shifting or not being contoured correctly with the natural chin.

Second, the patient’s candidacy and expectations come into play. The only person who needs to be completely pleased with the outcome is the patient, and since plastic surgery results can be somewhat subjective, it is up to the patient and doctor to communicate before the surgery and come up with a plan to suit the patient. Imaging software can be very useful to this step, as it allows doctors and patients to preview the projected results and discuss adjustments. A skilled plastic surgeon will be able to make informed recommendations on the size of the implant to suit each patient.

Third, the chin implant will feel very different immediately after surgery than it will following recovery. Some people experience temporary numbness and the area will be swollen for quite a while. After the recovery phase, patients typically cannot feel the chin implant.

Is a Chin Implant Right for You?

Only you and your plastic surgeon can assess your candidacy for each surgery and determine whether a chin implant is a good option for you. Some patients opt to have the implant placed at the same time as rhinoplasty (nasal) surgery, to provide even more facial balance.

Candidacy requirements for chin implants are similar to other cosmetic surgery standards. Patients must be in general good health and have realistic expectations about the potential results of the surgery.

Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon

As with any cosmetic surgery, choosing your surgeon is the most important step in the process. Your surgeon’s skill can mean the difference between a beautiful, natural result you are proud to show off and a mediocre to poor result requiring revision surgery. Always choose a board certified facial plastic surgeon who emphasizes giving patients a custom, natural-looking result.

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