Trends in plastic surgery are moving away from invasive surgical procedures, favoring noninvasive treatments that fit into busy modern lifestyles. However, it’s impossible to deny that these less invasive procedures can’t equal the kind of results that surgical procedures offer. Sometimes, a classic procedure like a facelift really is the best option for patients who want long-lasting, comprehensive rejuvenation. If you’re considering any type of facelift, it pays to prepare for your facelift recovery ahead of time.

How you take care of yourself after your surgery will determine how quickly you heal and affect your final results. Want to optimize your healing? Here are some tips for caring for yourself during your facelift recovery.

Get Comfortable

During your facelift recovery, your main responsibility is resting. Having a comfortable area for your recovery is key, and you should prepare this area ahead of time. An easy chair outfitted with lots of pillows is the best solution, since you’ll have a lot of time on your hands to watch TV or read. A chair also keeps your head elevated, which will help reduce swelling.

Move Around

After the first day or two, it’s a good idea to start very light exercise, like walking around the house. This is to promote circulation and to help you heal more quickly. Remember, though: you may still need to postpone moderate and strenuous exercise for several more weeks after you go back to your normal activities.

Stay Fresh and Clean

You won’t feel very comfortable if you don’t stay fresh and clean throughout your facelift recovery. Because the incisions for facelifts are typically hidden in the hairline, you may not be able to wash your hair right away after the surgery. Your surgeon can give you tips for maintaining good hygiene while still allowing your incisions to heal.

Make Meals Easy

Cooking may not be a strenuous activity, but bending, lifting, and heat exposure are all no-nos during facelift recovery. Instead of ordering takeout, which won’t help you heal faster, have someone else do the cooking or plan ahead. Freezer meals that can be warmed up in a slow cooker can be the perfect solution. It’s important to do a little legwork ahead of time so that eating healthfully is as easy as ordering delivery. A healthy diet will help you heal more quickly.

Always Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Your plastic surgeon will do his or her best to ensure you get the results you want while you’re in the operating room. But they can’t take care of you throughout the healing process and promote healing. It’s your responsibility to follow the doctor’s orders and adhere to all postoperative instructions.

Sometimes, the instructions will be easy to follow. However, some of the instructions may be inconvenient. It’s important to remember that these instructions are given for a reason, and not following them may negatively impact your results.

Facelift Recovery: Worth the Effort

If recovering from a facelift sounds too daunting, rest assured that most patients find the fantastic results they enjoy are worth the effort. Discomfort is usually minimal and can be controlled with prescribed medications. Fortunately, today’s techniques are less invasive than they were for facelifts in the past. A few weeks of diligent effort on your part and lots of rest will give you enviable results that last for years.

Choose a Knowledgeable Surgeon

One of the biggest benefits of a facelift is that the procedure is completely customizable. Today’s plastic surgeons are artists as well as doctors and can create truly incredible improvement. It’s important to choose a surgeon who will take all of your needs into account and design a custom treatment plan that will help you reach your aesthetic goals. Your plastic surgeon will be your ally during the planning and recovery, so you need to choose someone knowledgeable who is willing to answer your questions and provide support.

If you’re looking for a talented plastic surgeon in the Austin area, Dr. Edward Buckingham is renowned for his knowledge of anti-aging medicine. Dr. Buckingham is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who emphasizes natural-looking results and minimally-invasive techniques. He can give you all the information you need to choose the right procedure and promote optimal healing.

To schedule a facelift consultation with Dr. Buckingham at Buckingham Center in Austin, Texas, call the office today at 512.401.2500.

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