Facial balance and symmetry are complex, often elusive, and difficult to achieve. When balance and symmetry are not a natural state, many people seek plastic surgery to improve these qualities for better facial aesthetics. Rhinoplasty has long been a go-to procedure for this purpose, as the nose is extremely prominent and heavily influences the shape and appearance of the face. However, it is not always the only option for those seeking facial symmetry. Some patients are better off choosing a chin implant–or both.

Which Is Better?

Plastic surgery should never be “one size fits all,” and the question of whether to undergo a chin implant or rhinoplasty is no exception. Rhinoplasty is a highly complex, customized procedure that can make a number of different changes to the nose, while chin implant surgery is more straightforward, but yields highly effective results for appropriate patients. So how do you know which is better for you? Only you and your plastic surgeon can make that decision, but here are some commonfeatures that might give an indication of which surgery is right for you.

Under-Projected Chin

In the case of a “weak”, receding or under-projected chin, an implant is usually the best option. Rhinoplasty can make the chin appear somewhat more prominent by reducing the size of the nose, but when the chin projection is really the main problem, chin implant surgery is usually the way to go. The surgery is relatively simple, and recovery is straightforward.

Dorsal Nasal Hump

When a large hump on the bridge of the nose makes the area appear larger than it actually is, rhinoplasty may be the best course of action. By reducing the height of the hump, the nose will appear smaller and more balanced in relation to the other features. Dorsal hump removal is a very common rhinoplasty request, and rhinoplasty specialists are well-versed in repairing them.

Large Nose

For an overly large nose, the best course of action is not clear. In some cases, simply reducing the size of the nose with rhinoplasty may provide the balance needed for the patient’s satisfaction. It may also be appropriate to use the chin implant technique to balance out the larger nose with a more prominent chin. It all depends on the individual, and the technique will need to be customized to suit each patient.

Combination Procedure

In many cases, it is actually best to combine the two procedures. This option gives surgeons more control over facial balance and symmetry, and patients who elect to have both a rhinoplasty and chin implant are usually very happy with the results. Other benefits to combination procedures include only one surgery, no additional recovery time, and reduced cost, as anesthesia fees apply to both procedures.

Get Advice

Not sure which option is best for you? Not to worry, a board certified facial plastic surgeon will be able to help. Choosing your surgeon is an important step, and you will meet with each potential candidate during an initial surgical consultation. During your consultations you will get the opportunity to discuss your goals and concerns, have your candidacy assessed and ask questions.

When you’re ready to take the next step and start meeting with facial plastic surgeons, then it’s time to gather some initial information. Browse potential surgeons’ qualifications and before-and-after photos so you get a good idea of each doctor’s skills.

Facial Plastic Surgery in Austin

If you’re looking for an esteemed plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas, visit Buckingham Center for a consultation with double board certified surgeon Dr. Edward Buckingham. Dr. Buckingham uses proven, reliable techniques to provide patients with consistently beautiful results. Call 512-401-2500 today to schedule your consultation.

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