Depending on where you live, you might be wishing warmer weather were here already. Even in some areas of Texas, it can get pretty cold at certain times of the year. During the winter, it’s easy to dream about being on the beach, but it can be hard to motivate yourself to get a whole new look when you just feel like bundling up. With that said, now is just the time to start thinking about summer weddings and other events you might want to look your best for. Why? Because some cosmetic surgeries and treatments require a certain amount of planning and preparation. Here are a few reasons to think about your summer look now.

You May Need Time to Heal

When planning for plastic surgery, it’s important to think about how long your recovery will be. That doesn’t just mean how long you’ll need to take off work–but how long it will be until you see your final results. One of the most extreme examples of this is rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery. After rhinoplasty, it can take many months until all the residual swelling has disappeared. After a few months, there shouldn’t be major changes, but it is something to keep in mind. Other procedures might not take quite as long to heal fully, but you still shouldn’t get a chin implant a week (or even two) before a big event.

You Don’t Want to Miss Out

Many people have low energy levels in the winter. This makes a lot of sense–there’s less sunshine and fewer opportunities to be active. However, this makes the winter months the absolute best time to recover from a cosmetic treatment. Instead of missing out on barbecues and trips to the pool, you’ll be able to just rest at home and watch TV–which is what most people do in the winter and early spring anyway. Planning for plastic surgery during the time of year you’re less active will help ensure that you get to participate in everything you love during the warmer months.

Your Skin Will Be Sensitive

Whether you’re getting a laser skin treatment or a facelift, your skin will be sensitive for a while after your treatment. You will be advised to stay out of the sun and to wear strong sunblock for several weeks after your procedure. This is because there is an increased risk for hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) with sun exposure after skin treatments and surgery. Surgical scars may not fade as well, and your skin may develop uneven pigmentation. Why make it harder on yourself by choosing to undergo cosmetic treatments in the summer? By planning for plastic surgery based on the seasons, you can set yourself up for success and give your skin time to recover.

You May Have an Easier Time Getting Time Off

For many patients who work demanding jobs, taking time off for recovery is tricky. Some procedures, especially surgical procedures, require a week or more of initial healing time. Since many people take time off in the summer to travel or spend long weekends away, it may be harder to get vacation time during these busy months. If your office is short-staffed in the summer, it may be easier to get time off in April or May.

You Can Test-Drive Your New Look

Non-invasive treatments like Botox and fillers are becoming more and more popular each year. If you’ve never tried them before, though, you might be a little bit nervous about how you will look afterward. You can go through all the before and after photos in the world, but until you’ve seen for yourself how you will look, you may still feel apprehensive. By trying out a new temporary treatment now, instead of when you want to look your best, you can test-drive your new look. If you time it right, the treatment should wear off before high summer. More likely though, if you love your new look, you can go into your next appointment with confidence and get a refresher when you need it.

You May Need Multiple Treatments

Some procedures, such as gentle laser treatments, provide optimal results only after several treatments. These procedures usually have the advantage of little to no recovery time, but may require multiple sessions spaced out every month or so. If you want to get a head start on your new look, now’s the time–it could take several months to get through your treatment series.

Plan Your New Look This Spring

If you want to be camera-ready this summer, then you may want to consider booking a consultation with a plastic surgeon as soon as possible. Dr. Edward Buckingham is an Austin, Texas-based facial plastic surgeon who can help you plan a whole new look. Dr. Buckingham can help you with planning for plastic surgery or non-surgical treatments to help you look and feel your very best. He customizes every treatment plan to help each patient reach his or her goals and is known for the beautiful, natural-looking results he creates. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Buckingham, at Buckingham Center in Austin, call 512.401.2500 today.

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