If you’ve ever considered plastic surgery, then you’ve probably worried about a few things related to it. Many people who lead busy lives are concerned that plastic surgery will involve substantial downtime and significant pain. While it’s not possible to completely eliminate downtime or discomfort, advancements in surgical tools have made it possible to reduce these drawbacks in cosmetic surgery. One tool, the endoscope, has been especially useful in facial plastic surgery for achieving great results while cutting down on downtime. Here’s what you need to know about this revolutionary tool and how it could help you achieve your anti-aging goals.

What is an Endoscope?

Before we move into the details of endoscopic surgery, it’s helpful to know what an endoscope is. It’s actually a tiny camera that assists a surgeon during a surgical procedure. It’s attached to a flexible tube and is equipped with a small light. This provides the surgeon with good visibility without having to make large incisions to access the area. When an endoscope is used, surgeons can usually make much smaller incisions while still achieving good results. Patients also enjoy shorter downtimes and fewer complications since the incisions are less extensive. Endoscopic surgery isn’t limited to plastic surgery alone but it is often used in forehead lifts and sometimes in the upper cheek area.

The Benefits of an Endoscopic Forehead Lift

Aging creates more problems than just wrinkling, and the brow is subject to the effects of gravity early on. As the brow begins to droop and become heavier on the eyelids, it can result in a constant appearance of tiredness. By lifting and repositioning the tissues using endoscopic surgery, patients can gain subtle but noticeable improvement. The result is a brighter, more alert, and more youthful appearance and expression.

Endoscopic forehead lifts allow surgeons to achieve good brow elevation without many of the risks associated with older surgical techniques. Endoscopic surgery involves only a few short incisions which are made in the hair-bearing scalp. This means they can be easily hidden once they have healed. Many patients are ecstatic about the natural-looking results of an endoscopic forehead lift and the subtle improvement endoscopic surgery can provide.

Past Methods for Forehead Lift Surgery

In the past, patients had some legitimate fears about forehead lift procedures. Though this surgery is great for early signs of aging as the brow begins to descend, the early techniques had some major drawbacks. The incision ran across the scalp from ear to ear. This could easily lead to long-lasting numbness (sometimes permanent), scarring, infection, and even over-correction. Some patients were also concerned about ending up with a perpetually surprised expression, an issue that occurred when the brow was lifted too high. Though more traditional methods for forehead lift surgery are still sometimes used in modern practices, they are the exception rather than the rule. Today, most patients prefer more modern techniques like endoscopic surgery.

New Applications for Endoscopic Surgery

Because the endoscope is a powerful tool for ensuring less traumatic procedures, innovative surgeons are excited to expand the uses of this technique into other procedures. Dr. Buckingham is one of the few surgeons to explore the benefits of endoscopic surgery.

How Does Endoscopic Surgery Compare?

We’ve talked about some of the ways endoscopic surgery is generally better than traditional surgical techniques. But just how much better is it? In the past, the initial healing period might have taken 2 weeks or longer, with prolonged numbness for up to a year. With endoscopic surgery, the downtime is closer to 7-10 days, and there is a smaller risk for numbness. Because the incisions are so much shorter, the healing time is shortened and scars can be easily hidden.

Talk to an Endoscopic Surgery Expert

If you’re intrigued by the idea of endoscopic cosmetic surgery, then you’ll want to make sure you consult with the best of the best. Do your research before you schedule your consultations, and try to choose an innovative and experienced surgeon like Dr. Edward Buckingham. Dr. Buckingham is a facial plastic surgeon with a special interest in making sure procedures are as safe, gentle, and effective as possible. He is one of the few surgeons offering the endoscopic forehead lift. If you’re looking for comprehensive rejuvenation, consider visiting Buckingham Center in Austin, TX. Dr. Buckingham would be happy to discuss your needs and concerns so you can make an informed decision. Call 512.401.2500 today to schedule your appointment!

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