You’re probably familiar with the knowledge that aging reduces collagen stores and skin elasticity.

It also leads to thinner skin, a decreasing number of blood vessels within the skin tissue, and reduced numbers of skin cells. All of this makes your skin look duller and leads to sagging and wrinkling.

To help avoid these changes, many patients seek the expertise of renowned Texas facial plastic surgeon Dr. Edward Buckingham for skin rejuvenation techniques.

Whisper-3G Erbium Laser is one of the treatments Buckingham Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Austin, Texas, uses to alleviate fine lines, reduce sun damage, and create a more youthful glow.

How Whisper-3G Erbium Laser Works

Erbium laser gained acceptance in 1996 when it was introduced as an effective method for cutting bone during surgical procedures. The use of this laser allows for better control, especially in laser resurfacing treatments.

The erbium laser uses aluminum, erbium, garnet, and yttrium within the handheld device. These elements are easily absorbed by the water within the skin, allowing the heat from the light to quickly penetrate the dull skin tissue. As the laser penetrates the skin, it dehydrates the unhealthy skin cells, causing the skin in that area to peel away. Because the laser is easily controlled, there is minimal risk of damage to tissue outside of the target area.

Benefits of the Laser Treatments

The benefits of Whisper-3G Erbium Laser treatments are numerous. If you have acne or chicken pox scars, laser treatments can help reduce their appearance. Age spots, large pores, and discoloration from exposure to the sun are also a good reason to undergo these laser treatments.

While Whisper-3G Erbium Laser can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it doesn’t work as well as other types of lasers on deep wrinkles. It also helps even the skin tone, especially in women who deal with embarrassing issues like melasma (pregnancy mask). Finally, the laser resurfacing treatments also help smooth the texture of the skin.

Possible Risks and Their Likelihood

Risks from laser skin resurfacing are minimal. Most patients manage the treatments without any need for anesthesia, but if it is needed, it is a topical gel. If you have had a past reaction to anesthetic gels or creams, you should discuss this carefully with your facial plastic surgeon.

Whisper-3G Erbium Laser treatments are very gentle. You may need more than one treatment, depending on your skin’s current appearance, and after each one, you may appear a little flushed. This will not keep you from usual work or social activities. As the skin peels away, you must keep the healthy, new skin layers protected from the sun. You are able to put on makeup as soon as one day after your treatment, so cosmetics containing protection against UVA and UVB rays are best.

If you have a current infection, either bacterial or viral, that must be treated before your laser resurfacing procedure. Your facial plastic surgeon may also advise against Erbium laser treatments if you have an immune disorder, psoriasis, or a high risk of developing keloids.

Ultimately, it is your decision on how to rejuvenate your aging skin. If you’d like to learn more about non-invasive Whisper-3G Erbium Laser treatments, Dr. Edward Buckingham is happy to answer your questions, show you before and after pictures, and discuss whether laser treatments offer the solutions you seek. Watch this video about Dr. Buckingham to learn more about the Texas facial plastic surgeon. Call (512) 401-2500 to schedule a skin rejuvenation consultation at Buckingham Center for Facial Plastic Surgery.

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