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The surgeons at The Buckingham Center for Facial Plastic Surgery offer neck lift solutions for patients in Austin & Sunset Valley, TX. People commonly experience loosening or sagging skin when the neck ages and under the jaw as one of the first cosmetic signs of aging. Neck lift surgery is a valuable tool for healthy patients of all ages to achieve a younger and refined appearance. During a neck lift, our surgeons can fix an aging neck by removing excess skin or fat, as well as tighten the muscles of the neck, all with the goal of producing a tighter, smoother jaw and neckline.

Current surgical neck lift techniques allow for a much more natural result than techniques of the past. In young patients with good skin tone, fat deposits can develop between the skin and muscle, creating a double chin appearance. These deposits can be addressed with liposuction and a tightening of the underlying muscles called a platysmaplasty, and the skin will re-drape to the improved contour.

Patients who have poor skin tone or a lot of excess neck skin may need to have this extra skin removed. To remove this skin, the surgeon can create an incision around each ear or use the geometric broken line closure technique.

Our surgeons use their artistic vision, experience and skill to ensure each patient has minimal visible scarring.

If it suits the patient’s needs, the surgeon can tighten the muscles of the neck and face. As time passes, it is normal for these areas to become loose.


Recovery from neck lift surgery will generally require some downtime, with most patients beginning to return to social activity within 7-10 days and normal workout routine in 14 days. Swelling and bruising are normal side effects of surgery, and will typically subside within this initial recovery period. Some minor swelling may persist longer, but complete resolution should be achieved within three months.


Different patients will have individual needs. At your initial consultation, the surgeon evaluates your situation and determines what type of procedure would be best. It is important to discuss all your health concerns because this allows your physician to make an informed decision about your care. The doctor will be sure that you understand what a neck lift surgery can and cannot achieve, as well as potential risks.

Schedule a consultation with an experienced surgeon at The Buckingham Center to determine whether neck lift surgery is right for you.

Common Neck Lift Questions & Answers

How long is the incision for the necklift and where exactly is it located?

The surgical incision length for a neck lift depends on which procedure the patient has and how much neck laxity is present. If only fat removal and muscle tightening was performed, then the incision is approximately 1.5 cm and located beneath the chin. If a facelift is required, a longer incision is concealed along the hairline and around the ear.

Is there a difference between a necklift and a facelift?

There is definitely a difference between the neck lift and a facelift. In our practice, a facelift includes lifting of the neck. A neck lift usually involves performing liposuction with a platysmaplasty or the direct excision of excess skin.

Is it possible to get a necklift while getting a facelift?

A neck lift is almost always part of a facelift. Certainly, it is not too much surgery.

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