Facelift Before & After Photos in Austin, TX, patient 16071

Facelift before and after photos for patient 16071

Facelift before and after photos for patient 16071

Facelift before and after photos for patient 16071

Patient Info

Age: 70 – 79 years old
Gender: Female
Procedures: Facelift
Procedure Description:

Lower facelift, Full face fat transfer, Full face TCA chemical peel.

This patient is a 75-year-old female who had a viral facial nerve infection 8 months ago. She has residual weakness primarily of her lip elevators and depressors. She has a history of a full facelift over 10 years ago. She is interested in cosmetic improvement for her medial cheek wrinkles as well as possible improvement for her facial nerve function. On examination, she was found to have very little asymmetry in her facial nerve function and so nothing could be done surgically to improve that. She was also found to have significant facial volume loss with gravitational descent of the lower face and significant wrinkles.
To address her concerns, we offered her a revision lower facelift, full face autologous fat transfer and full face chemical peel. She was informed that she could not obtain any further benefit in her facial movement other than what time would allow.
The patient’s after photos demonstrate an overall rejuvenated appearance. The harsh wrinkles overall have diminished due to the combined procedures. The excess sagging tissue of the jowls and lower face has been corrected to very natural yet noticeable extent. The contour of the neck from the lateral after photo has been dramatically improved. The fullness has been restored to the entire face due to the full face fat transfer. Pay particular attention in the patient’s lateral after photo to the new projection of the cheek area as well as the fullness to the once hollowing temple. The viewer’s eye is no longer drawn to the long extending lower eyelid and rather the patient’s eyes as they are accentuated by a more youthful upper cheek. The patient is very pleased with the result.


Edward D. Buckingham, M.D.