Revision Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos in Austin, TX, patient 17279

Revision Rhinoplasty before and after photos for patient 17279

Revision Rhinoplasty before and after photos for patient 17279

Patient Info

Age: 20 – 29 years old
Gender: Female
Procedures: Revision Rhinoplasty
Procedure Description:

Revision Rhinoplasty
This patient is a 27-year-old female who underwent a rhinoplasty and septoplasty by another physician. She initially presented to our clinic 3 weeks after the operation with complete collapse of her nostrils and inability to breath. We followed her for one year to allow healing at which time she was found to have and over resected pinched nose with collapse of her nasal airway including the internal and external nasal valve. The dorsum of her nose was far too narrow and she had a residual dorsal hump. Examination of her preoperative photos shows the overly narrow dorsum on frontal view, the residual hump on the lateral view and the pinched tip with narrow nostrils on-base view.
She underwent a revision rhinoplasty with harvest of rib cartilage and placement of multiple grafts to correct for cosmetic and functional nasal problems.
Her postoperative frontal photo shows the increase in nasal width which was achieved by placement of rib spreader grafts. The width of the nose is not cosmetically displeasing but balances well with her face. Lateral view shows resolution of her dorsal hump. Base view shows the increase in nasal airway achieved by placing new lateral crural rib grafts along the side wall of the nasal tip. The nose is now much more aesthetically balanced and her nasal respiration has been restored.


Edward D. Buckingham, M.D.