Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos in Austin, TX, patient 17090

Rhinoplasty before and after photos for patient 17090

Rhinoplasty before and after photos for patient 17090

Patient Info

Age: 20 – 29 years old
Gender: Female
Procedures: Rhinoplasty
Procedure Description:

The patient is a 29 year-old female who presented in clinic desiring cosmetic improvement for her nose. Review of the patient’s frontal photos indicates the physical examination findings of a bony deviation to the right, upper lateral cartilage to the right as well as the tip favoring the right side. Additionally, the tip had a bulbous, boxy appearance however the tip projection was found to be normal. The intranasal exam disclosed a septum deviation of the left cartilaginous body. A moderate dorsal hump was evident. This is notable in the before lateral photos as well the length of the nose was not proportionate with other features of her face. The patient elected to undergo a cosmetic rhinoplasty.
Note in after lateral photo, how the patient’s profile is now much more aesthetically pleasing with the absence of the protruding dorsal hump. The slight adjustment in the length allows the nose to compliment the entire face rather than distract. The after frontal photo indicates the correction of the deviated septum as well as the adjustment to the upper lateral cartilage and tip which has made the nose straighter, and more symmetric. The patient is very pleased with her results.


Edward D. Buckingham, M.D.