Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos in Austin, TX, patient 17179

Rhinoplasty before and after photos for patient 17179

Rhinoplasty before and after photos for patient 17179

Patient Info

Age: 30 – 39 years old
Gender: Female
Procedures: Rhinoplasty
Procedure Description:

This 39-year-old female patient was unhappy with the appearance of her nose. From the front she felt that the tip was bulbous and that the dorsum had contour irregularities. From the side view she did not like the hump or the sides of the nose. Upon review of her frontal prior to surgery one can notice a significant contour irregularity in the dorsal lines. The bony dorsum is wide with a narrow middle vault and a bulbous tip. The nose is also deviated slightly to the left however the patient has a slight leftward shift between the forehead and upper lip as well. On lateral view the nose has a significant hump and in general is oversized.
The after photos show significant improvement in the nose. On frontal view, the dorsal lines are now straight proceeding from the brow to the tip without interruption. On lateral view, it is apparent the hump was removed and the overall relationship of the nose to the face has been significantly improved.


Edward D. Buckingham, M.D.