Fat transfer is a procedure that almost sounds too good to be true. In one simple surgery, fat is taken from an area where you don’t want it and put where it’s most needed, restoring and rejuvenating facial volume. Aside from being effective and completely natural, it’s also considered relatively permanent. That’s because most of the fat that is grafted will establish itself in the face, living and providing ongoing volume.

Despite these wonderful benefits, fat transfer, like any cosmetic surgery, isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t meet the health requirements, while others simply need a different procedure to meet their goals. If you’re interested in fat transfer, it’s important to consider whether or not you’re a candidate before you move forward with your consultation.

What Can Fat Transfer Accomplish?

The first question to ask yourself when considering your candidacy for fat transfer is what your goals are. Fat transfer is perfect for people who have experienced facial volume loss, especially under the eyes, beneath the cheekbones, and around the mouth. This often creates a thin, gaunt, or harsh appearance that can make a person look much older than they really are.

Though fat transfer can treat some degree of wrinkling, patients who are primarily interested in filling in wrinkles and folds might want to consider temporary injections, such as soft tissue fillers or Botox. These treatments are often better suited to smoothing out facial lines. Before you decide which treatment you’d like to pursue, be honest with yourself about your facial rejuvenation goals and make sure that fat transfer can help you get there.

Are You Healthy Enough for Surgery?

Since fat transfer is an elective surgery, it is very important that patients are healthy enough for surgery. Patients should be in general good health with no serious chronic conditions. Some medications may disqualify patients from cosmetic surgery, so it’s important to be honest with prospective surgeons about your medical history when you’re discussing your candidacy. It’s for your safety!

The same goes for smoking. People who smoke are not good candidates for cosmetic surgery. You would have to quit several weeks or months before the fat transfer to help ensure your safety and good results. There is no right age for the procedure; patients just need to be adults with facial volume loss who are healthy enough for surgery.

Don’t Expect Miraculous Weight Loss

Many prospective patients get very excited about the fat transfer process. That’s because the initial step is harvesting the fat from a donor area where it is plentiful and unwanted. Think the stomach, “love handles” or thighs. However, though the fat will be removed so as to maintain a natural appearance in the donor area, the procedure is not intended to be a body contouring procedure. Some fat will be removed, but only enough to complete the fat transfer procedure. That’s generally not enough to create a slim and sleek silhouette.

Managing Expectations

When assessing your candidacy, it’s important to be realistic about your expectations. You do not want to undergo a surgical procedure like fat transfer only to find that your expectations were unmet. There is a slight wild card in the fat transfer process, as some of the fat that is grafted will not survive the first six months. You will have to be prepared for the results to change somewhat during this period. You should not undergo fat transfer if you are expecting perfection. With that said, many patients are amazed by the dramatic results they see once they have fully healed.

Get a Personalized Assessment

Though you can make initial determinations about whether or not you are a candidate for fat transfer, you really need to speak with an expert facial plastic surgeon and get a custom assessment. Your consultation is an important step in the planning process. This meeting allows you to find out if you are a candidate, get advice on which procedure is right for you, ask questions, and get to know your surgeon.

If you are looking for a reputable, board certified facial plastic surgeon in the Austin, TX area, come to Buckingham Center and meet with Dr. Edward Buckingham. Dr. Buckingham is known for the natural results he achieves, and his focus on patient safety, satisfaction, and minimally invasive procedures. Call Buckingham Center at 512.401.2500 today to schedule your consultation.

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